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Download Free Tamil Karaoke Songs

Posted by Swamy Srinivasan aka Kittu Mama On 3:30 PM

Download FREE Tami Karaoke Songs from the following links that are arranged in Alphbetical ordering of the songs. You can also find the respective Karaoke song lyrics link, next to the download link.

Now enjoy downloading free tamil karaoke songs and keep singing along to your heart content :)

Also, I would recommend you to subscribe to my blog by providing your e-mail
address at the "Subscribe for email feed" in the right hand section of the
page. That way, you will automatically get to know all the Karaoke files that I
happen to add/upload.
Aaahaya Gangai Poon Thaen Malar ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Ada Aalthoata Bhoopathyum Naanada ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Aathangara Marame ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Antha Arabic Kadaloram ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Aayirathil Naan Oruvan ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Appudi Podu Podu Podu ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Aasai Aasai Ippozhudhu Paeraasai ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics

Aracha Sandhanam Manakkum Kungumam ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics


Chinna Chinna Rojapoove ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As)


Vellai Pookal Ulagam Engum ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics


Nilave Vaa Selladhe Vaa ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics


Panivizum Malarvanam ---- Download (Right Click Save Target As) ---- Lyrics



  1. anani Said,

    could u please tell me where the othere songs according to the alphabetical listings are... cause i can only view the first 4 that ar ethere under "A". wat about the other songs??

    Posted on 4:20 AM

  2. Prasanna Said,

    hello boss,
    I am prasanna (u might have seen me on vijay tv super singer) i also read ur comments and ur blog is too gud boss..............
    btw, i also have so many karoke tracks boss i want to exchange
    can we
    my mail id is
    Anxiously waiting for ur reply

    Posted on 2:22 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Hey where can i find the other Karaoke, cus ders onlly A,C,V,N,P

    Posted on 9:56 AM

  4. Hi anani,
    I'm yet to upload all the karaoke tracks. Will keep adding more songs. Pls subscribe so you can automatically be notified of the songs, when I post it.

    Also, check all my karaoke performances @

    Kittu mama

    Posted on 11:31 AM

  5. hello Prassy,
    I mailed you couple of times but I've not gotten any response from you so far.


    Posted on 11:32 AM

  6. rajeev Said,

    hello kittu mama,

    iam rajiv if u dont can u provide me nenjikull karaoke from varanam ayiram this is my id

    Posted on 12:55 PM

  7. carthik Said,

    please can any one send me karoke for theeyil viluntha thena from god father (tamil)

    Posted on 2:04 AM

  8. Hi ,

    Can u please send me the karaoke song "Tham tahka them thaka" from film Thirumalai. My mail: or

    Posted on 3:59 AM

  9. shreeram Said,

    can anybody please share "kalyanam kacheri" song's karoke to

    Posted on 11:46 AM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    Please can you add Atho antha paravai MGR song from the movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Thanks, Vijay

    Posted on 7:55 PM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    Please can you send me the Atho Antha paravai (MGR song)song to . Thanks Vijay

    Posted on 7:59 PM

  12. Arun Prasad L Said,

    Hey there, can anyone send me karoke song for "PettaRap" from the movie KADHALAN...

    Posted on 9:08 PM

  13. Arun Prasad L Said,

    Hey there, can anyone send me karoke song for "PettaRap" from the movie KADHALAN...
    My ID IS :

    Posted on 9:11 PM

  14. rasu Said,

    hi sir,
    we need ilayaraja beats songs karaoke like poomaalai oru paavai from thanga magan and hey unnaithane from kadhal parisu this two songs could you send me the karaoke. plz , this site is very nice to music lovers. thankyou sir.

    Posted on 4:22 AM

  15. Anonymous Said,


    Nice collection, do you have more? Thanks for sharing, would love to share some of my collections too but they are English songs. Do you mind?

    Posted on 3:53 AM

  16. anu Said,

    collection too gud...but we need more...mainly ilaya raja sirz...thanks a lot

    Posted on 9:21 PM

  17. Anonymous Said,

    Hi your website is cool
    you should watch at this cool emo video clip:

    Posted on 7:56 AM

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    Posted on 8:10 PM

  19. Rajashree Said,


    After dnloading the song how do i record voice in to it.. iam new so pls help me

    Posted on 5:34 AM

  20. star Said,

    Hi, bro...

    i am sudhan, all your Karaoke Song uploads are very useful for me. Now i am here to request you...

    anbenra malayilee...
    form the movie Minsaara kanavu.

    Engae enadhu kavidhai...
    Kannaamoochchi aenadaa..
    from the movie
    Kandukonden kandukonden.

    this is for an college music competition.

    Kindly send me these files to:

    Posted on 2:45 AM

  21. star Said,

    Hi, bro...

    i am sudhan, all your Karaoke Song uploads are very useful for me. Now i am here to request you...

    anbenra malayilee...
    form the movie Minsaara kanavu.

    Engae enadhu kavidhai...
    Kannaamoochchi aenadaa..
    from the movie
    Kandukonden kandukonden.

    this is for an college music competition.

    Kindly send me these files to:

    Posted on 2:46 AM

  22. Anonymous Said,

    Can you please send me the karaoke track for Idhazil kadhai - Unnal mudiyum thambi.
    Thanks in advance.

    Posted on 10:23 PM

  23. Anonymous Said,

    Hii my name ajee i love karaoke do u have any new karaoke if u have any new can u pls sent me or can u tell me where we gonna download
    its my email:
    i will waitting for u

    Posted on 12:57 PM

  24. sona Said,


    i need tamil devotional songs karaokes..its if anyone gets kindly send me

    Posted on 5:47 AM

  25. sluxtpr Said,


    Posted on 4:16 AM

  26. ashokha Said,

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    Posted on 5:15 AM

  27. ashokha Said,

    கிட்டுமாமா நீங்க ஏன் தனியாய் கிட்டுமாமா டாட் காம் நு ஒரு சைட் ஆரம்பிக்கக்கூடாது

    Posted on 5:30 AM

  28. ashokha Said,

    then can I get the theme song in which vijay is doing exercise. the song is in English. once I heard it in t.v. I cannot get it in net.

    Posted on 5:37 AM

  29. Anonymous Said,

    i am looking for the karaoke of " ninnai charanadainthen " from the film barathi. could u pls upload it in ur blog? thanks...

    Posted on 3:53 AM

  30. nabendu Said,

    hey can i get karaoke of endhiran song "Irumbile oru idhayam"

    my id is

    Posted on 9:14 AM

  31. anju Said,

    hi can anyone send me karokae song for pettarap from the movie kadalan pls its very urgent
    my id is

    Posted on 11:06 AM

  32. Srini Venkat Said,


    I need Karaoke music files for three songs:

    1) Alaigal Oivathillai - "Aayiram Thamarai Mottukkale"
    2) Kaidhi Kannayiram - "Konji Konji Pesi Madhi Mayakkum"
    3) Sindhu Bhairavi - "Manadhil Urudhi Vendum"

    We need this for a children's Tamil school annual day program here in California. We will recognize anyone who provides this to us by name. If there is a minimum cost involved, please specify.

    Thank you so much!

    Posted on 12:58 AM

  33. Anonymous Said,

    Hi guys I am babitha from bangalore...could you plz share mettu podu song karaoke with me ...


    Posted on 8:59 AM

  34. Anonymous Said,

    Hey my email id is

    Posted on 9:00 AM

  35. karthik Said,


    My email is

    I listened to you on youtube.. man you are amazing! =D

    It would be greatful if i got the karoke for
    Enna solla pogirai from the fil Kandukondaen Kandukondaen.

    Thank you very much!

    Posted on 2:58 PM

  36. Anonymous Said,

    its a gr8 work u r doin... way 2 go.. btw,, can u plz send me the karaoke for Dhimu Dhimu song from Engeyum Kadhal???
    my email id is plz...

    Posted on 9:09 AM

  37. Anonymous Said,


    could u post karoake for mazhai varum song from veppam movie please


    Posted on 1:50 PM

  38. Anonymous Said,

    i really really really need the karaoke of "Poo kodiyin punnagai" from "iruvar" wonderful song by ARR !!! please post as soon as possible !

    Posted on 12:34 AM

  39. Anonymous Said,

    Hi I need "kalvare" from Raavanan..pls can u send it soon

    Posted on 1:43 PM

  40. Rebecca Said,

    Thanks very much! Me and my friend have weekly karaoke music parties and are always looking for new stuff to use. Keep up the great posts! xxxx

    Posted on 10:16 AM

  41. Mahen Said,

    hi i need chinna raasave from walter vetrivel pls send it to

    Posted on 7:03 AM

  42. baskaran k Said,

    i need antha arabic kadaloram song karoake send to plz.................................

    Posted on 6:45 AM

  43. Anonymous Said,

    Hi I need ennai konjam maatri song from kaakha kaakha ,karaoke.

    Posted on 12:31 PM

  44. Anonymous Said,

    can u pls get me d karoke of kanavugal song from ullam kaetkume........

    Posted on 1:06 PM

  45. Fumour Said,

    hai U r karokes are really good. can U send me the karoke of "nila nila poguthae" of the film "Aravaan". Thank U

    Posted on 2:18 AM

  46. Anonymous Said,

    Could someone send me the karaoke for "Kanda naal mudhalai" from the movie Kanda naal

    email -

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted on 10:18 AM

  47. Rajendran Bangalore Said,

    hello friend could you please let me know the karoke for poonthenil kalandhu from enippadigal

    Posted on 8:24 AM

  48. Rajendran Bangalore Said,

    Rajendran Bangalore . Any body please send me tamil karoke Poondhenil kalandhu from Enippadigal film

    Posted on 10:43 AM

  49. Balajithen Said,

    Good work keep it up, looking forward the new updates- Purushothaman Dubai

    Posted on 10:37 PM

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  55. Which song do u want? Song title list give me yaar

    Posted on 10:02 AM

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    Posted on 4:29 AM

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