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Vijay TV Talk Show Neeya Naana Episodes

Posted by Swamy Srinivasan aka Kittu Mama On 10:59 AM

Enjoy all the episodes of Vijay TV's Talk Show program, Neeya Naana. The program is conducted by Gopinath and is sponsored by Lion Dates Syrup. It is one of the best programs in Vijay TV and one of a kind in the history of talk shows conduted in any tamil channel. Hats off to Gopi(nath) who is taking the show to greater heights, week after week. Its a program that has so many information/emtions in it. It brings out the best in the participants and deals with each and every topic with intense. Again, it is gopinath who is driving those questions that keeps the program very much alive. Emotions, Humor, Thought provoking, Substance, Values, Lifestyle, Passion, Dream, Ethics, Culture, Sports, Art, Career, Habbits - YOU NAME IT. Neeya Naana deals with every single entities in human life.

To watch all the latest and updated videos of Neeya Naana Episodes, Click Here

Now, enjoy all of Vijay TV's Talk Show/Neeya Naana Episode Videos (old episodes) listed below. The links denote the week(mm-dd-yyyy) and topic of the episode.

4-05-2009 (Problems Between Sisters - Akka & Thangai)

3-29-2009 (Parent's Involvement in Children's Education)

3-22-2009 (System & Treatments in the System)

3-15-2009 (Business Man & Their Wife's)

3-8-2009 (Did Intelligence come from genes?)

3-1-2009 (Comedy vs Serious People)

2-22-2009 (Who maintains decency at office?)

2-15-2009 (Do people change after Marriage?)

2-8-2009 (Should we use our mind or heart?)

2-1-2009 (Home owners vs rented people)



  1. Anonymous Said,

    Hi, Can you pls upload the episode where they discussed about medical/science versus magic/manthiram. I can't remember the exact date of the episode but I watched it in June/July this year.

    Posted on 8:25 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    neeya naana episodes vanish after a period.

    Pl download within a week of broadcast and store permanently!

    Posted on 8:52 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    hi can u post the episode where they discuss the topic of other state women marrying tamil men

    Posted on 2:14 AM

  4. Nithu Anand Said,

    hi i want episode on pocket money must or against

    Posted on 7:12 AM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    hi i wanted the episode of 29th march 2009... i had participated in the show..i am trying to watch it online for the past 2 years... could you please upload it... topic was-- parent's involvement in children's education

    Posted on 1:56 PM

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